Empty Lots

(A documentary photo project in minneapolis.) ...............Because the world is your parking lot...............

Location: Vacant lot, 36th St. and Nicollet Ave.

Time/date: 3:15 p.m., Friday, May 25

Ratio of cars to parking spots: 0 to 9

This now-vacant building and lot have gone through several iterations over the past few years. Once a barber shop and travel company, the space was most recently used as a child care center (part of the parking lot was converted into a fenced-in playground when this transition took place). But for some time now the building and its adjacent parking lot have sat empty. Even so, there’s ample signage warning potential parking bandits (or, say, those of us looking to sleep one off after an evening at nearby Pat’s Tap) not to get too comfortable, lest they should face the wrath of the towing fleet over at Wrecker Services.

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