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Friday Roundup: The Parking Conversation Heats Up

On Wednesday, Maya Rao over at the Star Tribune published a look at the sea of parking lots plaguing downtown and the steps being taken by city officials to figure out how the spaces could be transformed. (This blog was also featured in the piece.) The piece was the day’s most read article over at the Strib website, and inspired more than a few passionate comments. Check out our response here.

Yet another reason that a thriving downtown is important: attracting top talent (and the businesses that want to hire them).

Big box retailers shrink and contort in order to squeeze themselves into unpredictable and unconventional urban spaces.

Baltimore sees immigrant-friendly policies as the key to staving off decades of population decline. From the piece:

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (D) has told Latinos, in particular, that she is counting on them to help Baltimore gain 10,000 families within a decade. As a first step, she signed an order in March prohibiting police and social agencies from asking anyone about immigration status — and in the order, she explicitly asked federal immigration authorities to tell anyone they arrest that they are not agents of the city.

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