Empty Lots

(A documentary photo project in minneapolis.) ...............Because the world is your parking lot...............

Friday Roundup: Vegas-Style High Speed Rail

A group of private investors in Nevada (led by a casino developer) looks to extend California’s high-speed rail line to Las Vegas. The rail line would go by the name XpressWest and would offer 90-minute trips from L.A. to Las Vegas for as low as $45.

Atlanta’s proposed 1% sales tax increase to fund new transit projects dies a predictable (and decisive, at 63%) death.

Residential segregation in the U.S. is on the rise, meaning Americans are more and more likely to live near people whose economic situations looks pretty similar to their own.

Last year, the tax benefit for commuters who used public transit was slashed while the benefit for those who paid for parking after driving to work increased. Now, a Senate committee paves the way for a reinstatement of the tax benefit for transit commuters.

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