Empty Lots

(A documentary photo project in minneapolis.) ...............Because the world is your parking lot...............


Live in or around Minneapolis? Got an Empty Lot near you that’s just sitting there all fat and bloated and crusted over with pavement, unused and unloved and uninspired? Then snap a photo of it and send it to us (emptylotsmpls@gmail.com, or through the submissions manager below), along with the location and date/time the photo was taken. (One quick ground rule: photos should be taken during peak or prime traffic hours in order to give as true a picture as possible of how the space actually gets used. A high school parking lot might be deserted at 10 pm, but it’s packed full of tricked-out Honda Civics at noon.) If you’re really feeling ambitious, you might even consider counting the total number of parking spots in the lot, and then comparing that to the total number of spots filled.

But it’s the photos we’re after, really. The rest is just extra credit.
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